Butcher Babies lyric video I Smell A Massacre

Butcher Babies

Los Angeles based metal band, Butcher Babies has just released their newest lyric video entitled I Smell A Massacre taken from their upcoming album Goliath. Goliath will released via Century Media Records on July 9th 2013.
Fronted by Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, and backed by Henry Flury on lead guitar (Amen), Jason Klein on bass (Azdachao), and Chris Warner on drums Scars of Tomorrow), the Butcher Babies dish out brutal grooves that attack the crowd during performances that play out like a slaughter house carnival ride.
Butcher Babies are :
Heidi Shepherd- VOX
Carla Harvey- VOX
Henry Flury- GUITAR
Jason Klein- BASS
Chrissy Warner- DRUMS

check out lyric video I Smell The Massacre below :

Goliath available for pre-order at Century Media Distro

Butcher Babies website : http://www.ButcherBabiesOfficial.com
Butcher Babies facebok : https://www.facebook.com/ButcherBabiesMusic
Butcher Babies twitter : www.twitter.com/butcherbabies