Century Media Records welcoming Siege Of Amida Records to family

Siege Of Amida Records

Siage Of Amida Records (SOAR), is a UK based independent records label. Siege Of Amida Records was founded on 2007. And for now on, Siege Of Amida Records is part of Century Media Records.
Jamie Graham, the director of Siege Of Amida Records stated :

After 6 years of building this label from a comparatively low level, starting out in our bedrooms, we looked back at our catalogue of releases and at the bands that moved onto bigger labels and our current roster. We realised we had something special to build on there- Century and their team understand the vision I have for this label and this deal allows our distribution and promotional network to increase a hundred fold. Working with a company as diverse, reputable and ambitious as Century Media in order to take SOAR to the next stage is the logical step for us to take. It will mean great things for our artists and for the labels growth as a whole