Inherit The Stars release debut album

Inherit The Stars

Shefield UK metalcore/alt.rock band Inherit The Stars is about to release their debut full length studio album entitled “We Were Made To Walk The Skies”. This album released via Ambicon Records. The album planed to be available on iTunes on May 18th 2013.

The album We Were Made To Walk The Skies contain 10 tracks, the track list is :
1. If We Fall, We’ll Fall Together
2. Citizen Of Earth
3. Facing The Fire
4. Hold Your Breath
5. Imagine (If We Ruled The World)
6. Caught In The Crossfire
7. Through The Fallout
8. When Hearts And Worlds Collide(Feat. Liv Puente)
9. Here at the Edge
10.Destroy The Agenda (We’ll Build Our Own Adventures)

check out the track

Album artwork :
ITS2 Inherit The Stars release debut album

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keep with us, we will post the album review of the album “We Were Made To Walk The Skies” on the next few days