Interview with Mark Anderson guitarist Denial Machine

Mark Anderson guitarist Denial Machine

I have conducted an email interview with Mark Anderson, guitarist of Chicago metal band Denial Machine. The interview talked about Denial Machine EP and the band activities.
check out the interview below :

Hi Mark, how are you doing?
Doing great. Busy, busy, busy…

Tell us about the upcoming Denial Machine EP?
We tracked it in January/February of this year at Belle City Sound with engineer Chris Wisco (Dirge Within, Nonpoint, November’s Doom) it is currently being mastered by James Murphy (Death, Testament, Obituary). We released a preview track called “Devil In My Veins” to give people a taste of what’s to come. Right now we’re looking at an April release date.

What do you expect from your fans after the release of this EP?
Some will like it, some won’t. We have a new singer so that always changes the dynamic. We’re hoping that our new music will open some doors that were previusly closed to us.

Tell us about single “Devil In My Veins” ?
We had to pick one to put out first! It really isn’t indicitive of what all our new stuff sounds like. We like the vibe and the groove of this song. I think people who may not have been won over by our previous releases might catch on to this song. The other 2 songs are a bit faster and more complex and probably tie in better with our original sound.

What you want to convey through song “Devil In My Veins” ?
That we are willing to try something different and push the boundaries of our artistic creativity. There isn’t a grand plan per se but it was the first song we wrote with this new line up and just gelled rather quickly.

There are plans to release a full album?
We would love to do another full length album. The support and demand has to be there. At the pace of the current music industry albums are getting harder to do financially and might one day become obsolete. I am a fan of the album and would much rather be creating those as oppossed to EP’s.

Who has the most influence you to play music?
Glen Tipton from Judas Priest, Kerry King from Slayer, Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen are guitarist I grew up listening to for different reasons. All ranging from technical skill and melody to raw aggression.

Is it always you who wrote every song on the album Denial Machine?
I write a good majority of the music. Our former second guitarist, Mark Cichra would contribute riffs on occasion and was great and writing vocal melodies and harmonies. Our new second guitarist Chris Sampey has good ideas on guitar that are a bit different than mine. We should be able to find a good mix and blend of styles in future writing.

With whom you want to tour with?
Any band that can/wants to take us out with them!

Thanks Mark.

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