Interview with Justin Cordle of We As Human

We As Human

I’ve got a chance to have an interview with Justin Cordle, vocalist of We As Human (thanks to Amy from Atlantic Records). The Interview talked about We As Human upcoming album and tour.

justincordle Interview with Justin Cordle of We As Human
Nashville TN, Rock band We As Human will release their debut album this June 25th 2013 via Atlantic Records. A short story about We As Human is; WE AS HUMAN were discovered by Skillet’s front man John Cooper and were signed to Atlantic Records/Hear It Loud. They are set to release their self-titled debut album on June 25, which was produced by Howard Benson (Skillet, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance) and features appearances by Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf and John Cooper of Skillet.

We As Human is :
Justin Cordle-Vocals
Adam Osborne-Drums
Jake Jones-Guitar
Justin Forshaw – Guitar
Dave Draggoo-Bass

Hi Justin, how do you do?
-No, No, No, how do you do?

Tell us about We As Human?
-We are a rock band slowly taking over the planet one song at a time. We are originally from Idaho, but now reside in Nashville, TN. If you haven’t been to one of our shows before, you should seriously consider changing your evil ways.

We As Human is about to release the self-titled debut album on June 25th, Can you tell us about the album?
-It is our debut on Atlantic records, we are really proud of this album and really excited to get it out for everyone. We spent two years writing this album, we are definitely ready to see it fly!

The song Sever tells the story about your late nephew Tyler Cordle, can you tell us a bit more about this song, probably the process of making of this song, ..etc?
-My nephew fought neuroblastoma cancer for two years before he passed away. He was incredible. I remember many times seeing him after his chemo treatments trying his hardest to smile and play with his cousins. He was so strong, I think he got it from his dad -a firefighter- and his mom – a redhead! Ha! She’s going to smack me for saying that! I heard his mom (Kristine) talking, shortly after his passing, and she said “I don’t like when people say Tyler lost his battle with cancer. I understand what they mean, and they are trying to be kind and encouraging, but I don’t believe Tyler lost his fight with cancer. The Cancer is dead, and Tyler is now happy and healthy in a much better place”. That is what inspired this song. I always think of TyTy when I’m performing it.

And how about the song Strike Back, can you tell us something about this song?
-Strike Back was the second to last song we wrote for this album. It was written at a time when things were getting really tense and I felt like I was at my limit. I needed to keep moving, but wasn’t sure how. Enter the co-writer on this song, Scott Stevens, he challenged me to let it all out and just say what was on my mind. So, I did. A few hours later we had written Strike Back and I was feeling much better. This song is quite reminiscent of the story of David and Goliath. It is a song about not giving in when things get hard. I just wanted it to be a reminder to myself and the listeners, when it comes to road-blocks and enemies, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

In general, tell us the process of making this album?
-In general…AMAZING. In detail: we moved to Hollywood for 6 weeks and recorded this album at Bay7 Studio with the amazing Howard Benson. We spent our days in the studio recording, our nights out doing tourist stuff all over LA and our days off hiking all over Southern Cali.

How do you feel working with Howard Benson?
-We loved working with Howard. He has produced some of our favorite albums, so it was definitely a dream come true being able to record a record with him.

Who has the most influence to you in singing?
-I don’t think there is one person who is most influential, but there were a few artists that I loved, and still love singing their songs, e.g., Garth Brooks, Alterbridge, Disturbed, Keith Urban, Brian White, John Mayer, P.O.D., Skillet.

Is there a city or country that you really-really want to visit for a concert or tour that had you’ve never visited before ?
-We would love to do a European tour! Hoping that happens soon!

Which one you choose, in studio performance (on air/live radio/tv show) or open air stage performance?
-I would rather perform outside than do a live “On-Air” thing. But truth be told, I’ve always loved performing indoor shows the best. They get hotter and sweatier, which is always fun.

Any words or messages to your fans?
-We have been really fortunate to do what we do, and we know it wouldn’t be possible without the most amazing fans in the known universe, which we have! I really hope they enjoy our new album and drive to fast while they listen to it! haha

Thanks Justin, and good luck for the album and tour.
-My pleasure!

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