Album review LOATHE Lambs To The Slaughter (EP)


Loathe is a 5 piece metal band based in Malta. Active for just over a decade, the band has released 4 EPs, a full length album and has toured the United Kingdom on 6 separate occasions as well as headlining a number of the most well-reputed metal concerts locally. Late in 2012, Loathe released Bucketlove’, the first single from upcoming EP ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’.
Loathe First EP was released on 2003, the EP entitled Abort Retry Fail. The second EP released on 2005 entitled Up Close And Personal, and than Darkest Night Of The Soul released on 2007. On 2009 Loathe released their first full length album via Casket Records titled Despondent By Design. Loathe bring a raucous confidence to the stage as evidenced by the rabid and loyal following they have earned throughout the years. The band is known for its wild, impassioned and frenetic approach to the live gig and continues to delight fans with dependability, a touch
humour and a focus on musical prowess.
This is the first time I heard this band, really the first time ever. Not much information I’ve got about this band, so I need to send multiple email to this band to get more info.

cover album Album review LOATHE Lambs To The Slaughter (EP)
First impression, ..this band is cool…and their music are really cool. The EP of Loathe’s Lamb’s To The Slaughter containing 5 tracks. The track listing of Lambs To The Slaughter :
1. Watch The Children Prey
2. Guttermouths
3. A Glow So Haunting
4. Bucketlove
5. Mission : Down
Lambs To The Slaughter produce by David Vella at Temple Studios.
This EP start with the track Watch The Children Prey. Drum intro is open this track, and then you will drowning into the heavy metal riffs and vocals. As for my every review. I always said about the specific tunes or earmark. That will make your sound different from the other band. And this is important, so it is easy for fans to remember each songs.
The vocal on each songs are so heavy, authenticate the pure death metal or heavy metal bands. It is thick
The entire Lambs To The Slaughter tracks confirmed that Loathe stick with the pure metal riffs, great vocals, great arrangement. The best thing that a band should keep in an album is how they can keep the “energy” of the entire album, and Loathe can do it better.
The next song is Guttermouths, its another great song, i don,t know why, but i like the intro of this song.
A Glow So Haunting remind me the sound of Cradle Of Filth’s Nymphetamine album and Dillinger Escape Plan.
Bucketlove, yes..i agree, this track deserve to receive a hit single. This song is totally awesome. Listen this song with your headphone, and imagine you are in the middle of moshpit.
If you are a fans of Dillinger Escape Plan or fans of Suffocation or fans of Cradle Of Filth you have to buy this EP.
As this is their first album or EP that i ever heard, so i can not make a comparison with the previous album.
The last song on the list of this EP is Mission : Down. Speed thick sound, good vocals, this is what you can found on every Loathe’s tracks in this EP.
The way they arrange their music is so cool, great composition.
i personally like this album.
This EP is Recommended, 5 point highest, this EP deserve 4 point.

Check out the music video of Bucketlove taken from their latest EP Lambs To The Slaughter :

note : If I could give advice for this band, maybe it’s good if they improve the quality of their sound recordings

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